Net worth update: $63,540 (+$1,933) - 6/21/14

Nothing too unusual to report this time around.  Living expenses were slightly higher than normal these past two weeks.  My investment portfolio hit the $40k mark which was a pretty cool milestone.  I'm hoping if I work extra hard I can reach the $50k portfolio milestone within the next 2-3 months.  

Net worth update: $61,607 (+$2,464)

The last half of May and first week of June started off pretty great.  My cash balance stayed mostly the same because of some travel expenses, decent sized bills, and investing a decent amount into my Vanguard Index Fund account.  The flip side of that was the stock market saw some pretty nice gains which helped my investment portfolio balance jump almost 10% over three weeks.

If I can keep saving at a rate of $2,400 every two weeks, I should be well on my way to reaching my $81,000 net worth goal for the end of the year.

Net worth update: $59,143 (+$2,167) - 5/17/14

The first half of may started out with a great boost.  I started a new job three weeks ago that will give me about a 30% increase in income from my previous one.  The salary increase will definitely allow me to comfortably invest more in index funds on top of maxing out my Roth IRA.  Unfortunately the new employer doesn't allow me to open up a 401k until six months of employment (major thumbs down!).

My investment accounts stayed pretty flat these last two weeks so there's nothing to interesting to report on that front.

How did your net worth and investment do the first half of May?

The iPhone 5C - Apple loves frugal people too!


In between bi-weekly net worth updates, I thought it would be fun to write about personal finance topics not related to net worth.  I was so happy when Apple released the 5C.  One of the pain points of buying an iPhone has always been the $200 price point.  The 5C's $100 difference from the 5S made buying an iPhone a painless experience.

Under the hood, they are almost identical.  The 5S will run a bit faster, but not $100's worth faster :)  The plastic back has taken quite a beating (dropped it at least 4 times on concrete by now) and I'm sure the glass would have been done for by now.  Here's a little comparison video if you're still not convinced.

I know purchasing an iPhone isn't the cheapest way to get a cell phone in your hands these days, but I need one for "work" reason ;) ;)

Have you been happy with your 5C?  Do you regret purchasing a 5S?

First net worth update: $56,976 - 5/1/14

This is my first net worth post.  Nothing too interesting here since there are no previous gain/losses to compare to.  I will be updating my net worth on a bi-weekly basis.

Genesis of a personal finance blog.

Hey everyone.  This blog will be dedicated to the personal finance and investing habits of an average 24 year old.  This site is dedicated to young people between the ages of 16-30 who are interested in personal finance and getting started in investing.
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