About Me

A little bit about me... I am your average 24 year old living in Seattle, WA working as a software developer at a small firm.  I have been interested in personal finance and investing since I was 18 and have been actively investing since 21.  This blog is a place for anyone who wants to to discuss personal finance and investing for young people and a personal time capsule for myself.

Who this blog is for

This blog is intended for people in the high school - just starting a career range.  If you're just starting your first job or trying to pay off college debt, I hope you find some useful information here!  If you're anything like me, you've noticed personal finance advice on the internet assumes you're in one of two categories...
  • Someone with 0 knowledge of personal finance and relies on debt to stay afloat
  •  Someone with a multi-million dollar portfolio ready to make risky investments.
There isn't too much personal finance information available on the internet for average people with average jobs, so my goal is to fill this gap.

What this blog IS

This blog is a collection of honest personal finance experiences.  I make plenty of mistakes, so you'll hear all about the good and bad decisions I've made.

What this blog IS NOT

You won't find the latest get rich quick scheme or stock tips here. 


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