The iPhone 5C - Apple loves frugal people too!

In between bi-weekly net worth updates, I thought it would be fun to write about personal finance topics not related to net worth.  I was so happy when Apple released the 5C.  One of the pain points of buying an iPhone has always been the $200 price point.  The 5C's $100 difference from the 5S made buying an iPhone a painless experience.

Under the hood, they are almost identical.  The 5S will run a bit faster, but not $100's worth faster :)  The plastic back has taken quite a beating (dropped it at least 4 times on concrete by now) and I'm sure the glass would have been done for by now.  Here's a little comparison video if you're still not convinced.

I know purchasing an iPhone isn't the cheapest way to get a cell phone in your hands these days, but I need one for "work" reason ;) ;)

Have you been happy with your 5C?  Do you regret purchasing a 5S?


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